Pro Stride Regenerative Therapy


The Regenerative Medicine Joint Injection


What is Pro-Stride?


Pro-stride is an Autologous Protein Solution (APS), which means it is derived from your Horse’s own blood to concentrate their own regenerative molecules (IL-1 and TNF-alpha cytokines and other building signals). Regenerative medicine incorporates the body’s natural healing pathways to limit the use of medications and foreign substances being used. Pro1-stride condenses the blood into a product that is similar to a mix of IRAP and PRP (incorporating the best of both products). The main advantages to Pro-stride is it is derived from your horse and a product which does not incorporate a steroid. Your Veterinarian may recommend Pro-stride over steroid joint injections if your horse has an increased risk of laminitis or is not responding to current joint injection therapies. This can also be recommended as an alternative in younger performance horses, to limit steroids in the joint to prevent long term breakdown.


How does Pro-Stride Work?


Over 50% of equine lameness is due to an injury or disease in the joint. When the joint has osteoarthritis and other inflammatory conditions the body is stuck in the initial inflammation stage and unable to proceed to the rebuilding and healing phase of injury. Pro-stride concentrates molecules that signal the body to stop inflammation and start rebuilding the damaged tissues, like growth factors. This in turn jump starts the joint towards a natural healing process. The Cartilage is then able to be synthesized and repaired instead of continuing to be degraded by inflammation.


Your veterinarian will need to evaluate your horse’s lameness and determine if Pro-Stride is the best option. Blood is drawn and it takes only 20 minutes to process (which is done stall side). Then the joint or joints that need the injection will be prepped and the Pro-Stride injected into the site. It only takes one injection for a therapeutic response.


The Benefits of Pro-Stride over traditional steroid joint injections:

Steroids are very effective for subduing inflammation in a joint but do not help promote healing. Pro-stride is able to transition the joint from the inflammatory stage over to a healing process. Pro-Stride encourages cartilage health and rebuilding to promote a long term healthy joint. Since Pro-stride is all natural there is not a drug withdraw time before competition.


What should I do for my horse after a Pro-Stride Injection?


1st Day: Stall Rest with nothing contacting the injection site

2nd Day: Hand walking

3rd Day: Small paddock turnout

4th Day: Trotting work on lounge line

5th Day: Trotting under saddle

Then back to work.



When will I see results in my horse?


Because it is a natural healing process, the body needs time to heal. It may take up to three weeks to see the peak effect from Pro-Stride, but you might see it sooner. On average the results from Pro-Stride are typically better and last longer then a traditional steroid injection. Most horses that receive a Pro-Stride should have improvement that lasts a year.





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