Routine and Preventative Care



  • Routine Wellness Examinations


  • Vaccination Programs:

Core vaccinations recommended yearly include:  Rabies, Eastern and Western     Equine Encephalitis, Tetanus, West Nile Virus and Botulism.  Other elective vaccinations can be given based on your horse’s age and risk of disease exposure.  Our doctors will help you determine the best vaccine protocol for your horse’s individual needs.


Click Here for more information on adult horse vaccinations


Click Here for more information on foal vaccinations


  • Fecal Egg Counts and Targeted Deworming Programs:

Traditional rotational deworming has lead to increased parasite resistance to dewormers available on the market.  We recommend routine fecal egg counts to identify worm burdens in individual horses, with strategic deworming to target high shedders.  This often results in less frequent deworming throughout the year for most horses.  Fecal egg counts can also be used to determine the effectiveness of different classes of dewormers on a farm.


  • Coggins Testing


  • Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (Health Certificates)


  • Microchipping


  • Nutrition Consultation


  • Senior Care

AAEP Adult Horse Vaccine Recommendations

AAEP Foal Vaccine Recommendations

AAEP Core Vaccine



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