Pre-Purchase Examinations


A pre-purchase examination can be the most important investment you can make when considering purchasing a new horse.


Examination includes an in-depth examination aimed to identify any factors that could affect a horse’s suitability to perform at the intended use and to gather information so the buyer can make an informed decision.



A standard pre-purchase includes:


  • Ophthalmic Examination


  • Cardiovascular Exam


  • Respiratory Exam


  • Musculoskeletal Exam


  • Neurologic Evaluation


  • Lameness Examination with full flexions, evaluation under saddle if desired.


Additional Diagnostic tests may be included for an additional fee:


  • Bloodwork (Complete Blood Count, Serum Chemistry, Fibrinogen, Coggins Test, Equine Drug Screen)


  • Digital Radiographs


  • Ultrasound


  • Upper Airway Endoscopic Exam


  • Breeding Soundness Exam




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